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Prieto CNC Machine Shop can engineer machining solutions for production

A customer needed this handle assembly and provided us with a rough sketch to get us started. From the sketch, we made several samples until the customer was satisfied with the way the sample looked and felt. At that point, we produced an engineering drawing which also had to pass customer approval. We used the engineering drawing to produce five machined assemblies. After the customer approved the initial run of five assemblies, they gave us an order for production quantities of thousands of pieces at a time.

One of the principal advantages of being able to do all the prototyping, manufacturing engineering, initial runs and production in a complete machining solutions shop like ours is quality control. Our customers know that we maintain the same high level of quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. In assemblies such as this example, we machine all the parts to the specified precision tolerances to ensure that they fit together as tightly as the customer needs. Companies that try to economize by having different manufacturers make different parts of an assembly usually cannot count on the high quality that we can provide by doing the entire process in one shop.





an example of our fiberglass and plastic machining solutionsFiberglass and plastic machining

Prieto Machine had been making the aluminum center piece for this part for the past five years and the customer had been buying the fiber end tubes on their own, assembling the component in-house. Recently, they asked us to take on the complete project and supply them with the finished machined and assembled component, ready for immediate use in their equipment. We were easily able to provide the machining solutions to meet their specifications and have since produced more than 25,000 of these assemblies.

We are a CNC precision machine shop with trained people and the necessary equipment to machine parts and assemble them into components. We can perform all required operations more efficiently than the way this customer had been doing it. This means that the customer is able to save money on the component, get a higher-quality custom-made component, and reduce the amount of paperwork necessary to manage this part of their business.





another example of our prototyping and machining solutionsPrototyping with results

A customer needed this nozzle for custom-blending of compounds used in their business. They had very precise requirements for the flow and blending patterns, so the angle and pattern of the flutes was not obvious at first. We built several prototypes, experimenting with the flutes by refining the mold to give the customer exactly the performance they were looking for.


We achieved the specified performance fairly quickly and were easily able to produce the nozzles in the quantities they needed. This is a disposable item, so we have regular production runs. The customer realized significant value from our manufacturing engineering and prototyping capabilities. They did not have to go through the process twice—once with a prototyper and once with a producer. They could put the entire project on one PO thanks to our complete machining solutions, which also saves them some money.


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We will produce what you need, when you need it. We have assembled a complete, practical and concise group of CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC Swiss machinery in our CNC Machine Shop to execute your contract manufacturing job on time, according to specs, with cost savings in mind.


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