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Rudolph Prieto and his son, Bob, founded Prieto Machine Company in 1978 with a single machine in their family garage. Together they built what would become a significant and well-known player in the precision machining industry.  

From the very beginning, the Prietos' commitment to machining excellence and unsurpassed customer service attracted clients who were impressed first by the company’s reputation and then by the reasons for that reputation. After taking over the leadership of the company in 1995, Bob has continued to run the business as a family-owned operation, with his sons, Bob Jr., Jim and Dan coming on board to assist in the continuation of the company's excellence.

Over the decades, Bob has grown his company to serve his loyal customers and the wider markets in which they compete. Understanding that his business depends on providing value to customers that they cannot obtain elsewhere, he has always invested in the highest quality machine tools, the engineering expertise to get the maximum value out of those tools, and front-office personnel who are totally committed to their customers’ satisfaction.

For many years now, Prieto Machine has proven the value of American manufacturing and has grown in both sophistication and capability. Its customers know that Prieto will execute to their drawings every time, on time. Prieto’s 11 and 12 axis CNC machine tools deliver the highest precision available anywhere. The combination of those tools, the highly skilled machinists who operate them and the outstanding engineering expertise available to its customers, allows Prieto to provide a value unsurpassed anywhere, worldwide.


Certified Quality Assurance

Prieto Machine is an AS9100D registered and ISO 9001:2015 certified company.  AS9100 contains all of the standards of ISO 9001 with dozens of added critical quality requirements tailored to the aerospace, aviation and defense industries.  



  OIN #610890587


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Continued commitment to increased capabilities.

In December of 2011, Prieto Machine Company added an additional 3,250 square feet of floor space for expansion to service our ever-increasing customer base.

Contact us and see how Prieto Machine Co. can fulfill your needs to your drawing, your schedule and your budget.

Our Machined Products

Our Contract Manufacturing Products


We will produce what you need, when you need it. We have assembled a complete, practical and concise group of CNC milling, CNC turning, and CNC Swiss machinery in our CNC Machine Shop to execute your contract manufacturing job on time, according to specs, with cost savings in mind.


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